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“The best fuel for your body comes from a diet that’s designed to fuel your body best!”

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If you’ve tried it all when it comes to dieting and you’re ready to find sustainable,

realistic solutions that work, you’ve come to the right place.

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One-on-one nutrition counseling to help you enjoy the parts of life that matter most and find sustainable, realistic food solutions.

We’ll start by reviewing your health history, exploring your relationship with food and discussing what is presently going on with you and your eating. Then, we will explore where you want to go with your nutrition goals and you’re overall looking quality of life and well-being. During our sessions, we work together to help you unlock your potential for optimal health by identifying the foods your body needs to support your vibrant health.  


The Signature Series on-demand programs are designed to impact specific facets of  your wellbeing.  Enroll today and master new healthy habits.

 We’re excited to offer our Signature Series programs – 5 to 12 week on-demand courses designed to impact a specific facet of your wellbeing.  Each course comes with a collection of downloadable worksheets or workbooks.  All programs have a behavioral approach to help participants learn new healthy habits

All courses are completely online and self-paced.


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Fresh Start is a 7-week lifestyle program that emphasizes positive behaviors and lifestyle strategies as a means to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.  Thie self-paced program includes videos and worksheets to assist you in creating a lifestyle that supports your healthy weight.

Topics Include:

Week 1:  Connecting to What’s Important

Week 2:  The Science of Food

Week 3:  Time to Make a Plan

Week 4:  Create a Supportive Environment

Week 5:  Get Moving

Week 6:  Emotional Eating

Week 7:  Keeping It Going


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In this 5-week program you’ll will learn how to lower your stress and find more balance in your life. You’ll also create an action plan to better manage stress by learning strategies and techniques to help identify what’s stressing you and build resilience.  Topics Include:

Week 1:  What is Stress and Where Is It Coming From?

Week 2:  Stress and Your Health

Week 3:  Stress and Burnout

Week 4:  Food and Stress

Week 5:  Managing Stress and Building Resilience


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This 12-week comprehensive wellness program designed to provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to make small, specific behavior changes that create and support a healthy lifestyle.  You’ll learn how to set goals, discover your compelling whys, and develop a positive mental attitude toward healthy change.

Each week includes a “Getting Started” video that sets the tone, and a “Mid-Week Momentum” video to keep you motivated.

Weekly Themes Include:  Vision, Discipline, Change, Strength, Balance, Perseverance, Mindfulness, Personal Courage, Confidence, Determination, Awareness and Accomplishment




Let’s work together to help your employees or clients live happier, healthier lives. Workshops, presentations, or ongoing collaborations available.


There’s more to wellness than eating broccoli and walking 10,000 steps!  If you have a need for a speaker for a corporate activity or event, we’re here to provide a fun, informative and interactive presentation that will engage and inspire group members to make positive changes in their life.

Topics include:  Work Stress & Burnout, Play to Your Differences, Healthy Eating in a Stressful World, Relieving Stress with Laughter, Resolving Conflict; Beating the Winter Blues; Diet, Lifestyle and Diabetes, Beating the Sugar Blues; Manage Energy, Not Time!

Don’t see the topic you’re interested in?  We can tailor a presentation just for you!


Our interactive workshops are a powerful way to unite a group, develop strengths, and improve morale and productivity.  Every workshop includes high impact management training activities that develop critical managerial skills.  Your employees will return to the office reinvigorated and armed with a new set of skills that will promote better cooperation, collaboration and greater team success.

Topics include:  Mastering Communication to Achieve Productivity, Leading Through Change, Essential Stress Management


Signature Programs come to you with small group education! You can offer these wellness workshops to groups right on site at your location or virtually, saving your employees’ valuable time and offering a service that can enhance performance and overall wellbeing—which gets o your bottom line. We offer series of anywhere from 4-12 weeks of small group education.

Popular topics are: Healthy Habits,  


We’ll take a strategic approach to building your worksite wellness initiative and help you build sustainable programming that’s a win-win for leadership and employees.